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BathroomWall.co.uk website is wholly owned by SRNR Ltd. and is registered in the UK with Companies House

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Registered Office & Postal address: Unit 8 Ashford Works, Brunswick Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1EL

Contact telephone number: 01233 663524 (Monday to Friday 09:30am to 4:00pm - However, please note that we CAN NOT take orders over the phone.)

Email: store (at) bathroomwall.co.uk


We're just a little ole family owned and run T-shirt company based in deepest Kent (for those outside the UK, that is the bit below London near France). If you pick up the phone then you're never more than one person from the the boss. It was founded by Alex due to his fear of a "proper job" (he used to be a journalist) and his obsession with rock n' roll (blame his dad as he claims to have only heard music by Little Richard, the Rolling Stones and The Who before 1981 when he discovered Adam & the Ants). Why BathroomWall? Too much time in the 80s wearing cowboy boots and listening to LA hair metal.


Our T-shirts are not the licensed merchandise of any of the artists or bands mentioned (just look at the header of each page that says 'Gloriously Un-Official T-shirts'), this is one of the reasons that we do not place any trademarked logos or names on them. We do not represent our products in any way as official merchandise and only offer our designs to fans wanting an alternative to the official band products

BathroomWall / SRnR Ltd is in no way affiliated to, associated with or sponsored by any of the bands or artists featured on this website. None of those named on this website have endorsed these products and we do not hold them out to have any connection with them. This website is neither affiliated to nor associated or sponsored by any of the bands or artists named

If you wish to purchase official band or artist merchandise you should contact the relevant authorised dealer.


The exception to the above is our sale of Sleazy Rock N Roll, Pet Dictators, 'Rock and Roll Geek' and the Tom Bloomfield designed T-shirts and paintings, where we ARE the official outlet.

Bathroom Wall and BackPage T-shirts

Bathroom Wall came about because we couldn't find T-shirts of the bands we wanted, and because most official band merchandise is strictly for the crowd. Until we came along, if you wanted something seriously obscure or specialist, then you had no chance. That's why we say our T-shirts are made 'by fans, for fans'. That's also why there are a million artists that we would never put on a T-shirt, and why you will never see us selling a 'catch phrase' T-shirt. We may not all be fans of every single artist we sell, but we certainly have massive respect for each and every one of them.

We then branched out into Backpage T-shirts offering gear for football fans that know that replica shirts should only be worn by players and kids under the age of 12. The more business we did, the more we got asked about other sports, so we started doing boxers, cricketers, rugby players, drivers and riders... and then the cars. Why? Because when so many of your customers are guys, and you already do music, girls, movies, comedy and sport, the only thing left to do is cars.

Sleazy Rock N' Roll

Keepin' Music Sleazy... says it all. Like Bathroom Wall, Sleazy Rock N' Roll was founded for people that hated band merchandise, and wanted music T-shirts that they couldn't get elsewhere. But while Bathroom Wall has a broad approach to music and welcomes everyone that appreciates good music, whatever the genre, Sleazy Rock N' Roll is purely about... well, Sleazy Rock N' Roll. It's for those of us that see the notes that Johnny Thunders misses, as a virtue, not a flaw. It's for those that read "The Dirt" and even if we don't admit it in polite company, know that it's the coolest book ever written. It's for those of us that dream about a time before Aerosmith sung songs for Disney movies, and that want our rock stars trashing hotel rooms and dating porn stars, not taking multi-vitamins or appearing on reality TV shows.

Sleazy Rock N' Roll is about giving the finger to those people that talk about being into Guns N' Roses or Skid Row in the late 80's and early 90's as if they are embarrassed by it, saying things like "I grew out of all that" before telling you that they now listen to James Blunt and Dido, or that they actually always loved the Beach Boys most of all. Sleazy Rock N&rqsuo; Roll comes down to the fact that despite what anyone else says, you know that all the best tunes are all about sex & drugs, or preferably both.

Pet Dictators

The brand that started it all... It all began with a drunken conversation about naming a pair of newly purchased cats. Catstro and Pussolini came first, and after several beers the rest soon followed. Pet Icons came along because Handsome Dick Manitoba should be the next President of the USA and needed to be honoured.

Potato Republic came through the same sort of warped thinking, but this time accompanied by Guinness rather than lager.

We knew that both Pet Dictators and Potato Republic had made it when we got our first complaints, while the royal seal of approval has been bestowed upon Pet Icons, because Handsome Dick owns a Handsome Duck T-shirt.

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