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Thursday, 3 September 2009

New Rock Star APPROVED Rock Star Academy T-shirts

New T-shirts are up on the site:
First up we have Tommy & Pamela's Honeymoon Home Movies. Then we have a new AC/DC design with "Welcome To Rosie's Place". Then we have one of my new favourite T-shirts... inspired by and in tribute to my favourite guitarist (along with Johnny Thunders, Marco Peroni and Izzy Stradlin).... the one and only Kiss Spaceman, Ace Frehley. No doubt you have noticed that when Ace wore one of our Dr Keith's Rock N' Roll Pharmacy T-shirts I shat my spleen with sheer delight and uncontrollable pride and joy. Anyway, this tribute is Ace's Space Academy. I just hope you lot love it as much as I do.

Finally though.... how could I possibly top an Ace Frehley T-shirt? Only by Ginger from my favourite band, the Wildhearts seeing AND LIKING our new T-shirt of him. The story goes that we have been the T-shirt supplier of choice for bass superstar and friend to the stars Michael Butler of Rock & Roll Geek fame for some time. Well, Michael was asked to be Ginger's bass player for his recent batch of shows in LA at the El Ray and more importantly at the Viper Room (where DJ, fixer and resident rock chick supreme Chelsea is our now officially the finest of all LA residents). As Michael usually does (because he is an obvious man of taste) he was wearing one of our shirts each time Ginger saw him at rehearsals and at the gig itself. Ginger liked them and asked if he could have one to wear to the Kerrang! Awards (where the Wildhearts went on to collect the Spirit of Independence Award). When we sent him a stack of T-shirts he took a look at the site, said some nice things before wanting to know why we didn't have a Wildhearts one. Obviously the Greetings From Shitsville lyric one was not enough and he wanted an image one. So when your favourite frontman says that, you kinda have to act. The T-shirt went up and I waited for the response.... then it came... GINGER APPROVED

Chuffed? you bet your life I am.

PS - oh yeah, talking of Marco Peroni and Izzy Stradlin, both will be available on our T-shirts VERY SOON.

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