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Friday, 31 July 2009

Ian Brown, Stone Roses, Madchester and some monkeys

Ian Brown is the Mancunian King of the Monkeys
There was a lot of talk before the summer that the latest band to jump on the reunion bandwagon was going to be The Stone Roses but to the disappointment of many of their fans was the rebuttal from guitarist John Squire. Squire was quick off the mark with his announcement but to be honest, it has been bassist Mani and lead singer Ian Brown who have been the more creative in recent years.
Fans of the band have at least been pleased by the news that Ian Brown has announced that his next album will be released in September and is entitled ‘My Way’. The singer has managed to split opinion throughout his career with many considering him to be a poor singer but his influence stretched far and wide.
It is very easy to the influence that Ian Brown has had on Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher. Everything from the swagger to the nasal-led delivery of the ‘Champagne Supernova’ singer can be linked back to the man who brought ‘Fools Gold’ to the world. There is no doubt that The Stone Roses were a massive influence on so many of the indie bands who have came since but they weren’t the only major act to have come from the Madchester era.
Some people considered The Stone Roses to be a bit too serious and much preferred the more humorous output of Happy Monday. With lyrics along the lines of “Son, I’m thirty, I only went with your mother cos shes dirty” from ‘Kinky Afro’, it’s hard to argue that Shaun Ryder, Bez and the rest of the boys knew how to party. The early 1990s were a great time to be alive for Manchester music but there have been many fantastic generations for music in one of England’s major cities.
A prior boom period for Manchester music came in the late 1970s when the punk scene was sweeping the United Kingdom with Joy Division forging their own musical path and laying the building blocks for future generations. The lyrics of front man Ian Curtis are remembered to this day with the bands most successful track ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ still being loved and covered to this day. Tragedy struck the band when on the eve of an American tour, Curtis committed suicide, derailing the band and devastating music fans all over the world. Curtis may have joined the club of music stars dying before their time but much like Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones and Bon Scott, his music lives on and continues to inspire musicians and music lovers everywhere.
The next popular wave of Mancunian music came in the early to mid 1980s when The Smiths were the band that all the indie kids loved, with focus falling on the bands dynamic duo. Guitarist Johnny Marr unleashed classic line after line but much of the focus fell on ‘The Charming Man’, Morrissey who was the poster boy for flower waving intellectualists everywhere. Morrissey may have appealed to a completely different market that Ian Brown managed to win over a few years later but both of these singers have captivated audiences everywhere.

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