Monday, 1 December 2008

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Ahh, less than a week after Axl Rose destroyed the status quo (without capital letters) by actually doing something a normal for a musician and releasing an album, things have returned to back to the way we have come to expect them to be with old Waxy doing weird rock star stuff. No, I am not talking about him still refusing to give interviews or still refusing to make a video for any of the tracks on the new album, but because he is threatening to sue Dr Pepper for not giving away enough free cans and for abusing his 'reputation'. By that I assume he means that he means his reputation for be a loon will be tarnished be being associated with a can of fizzy pop? I dare say if Dr Pepper had been offering cans of virgin vampire piss or the distilled milk of the Amazonian tree frog, then all would be OK?

In sort of more related Axl news, everyone's favourite capitalist demon, Mr Gene $immon$ has told a recent conference that "if you are not on stage at 9, then you are a bitch". OK, so he didn't use the words "Rose" or "Axl", but is was both obvious and funny all the same. Not so funny is that $immon$ has promised the world a new Kiss album in 2009. Please no, just a proper European tour, but please God, no new album - otherwise they will feel the need to play tracks from it.

If the thought of a new Kiss album isn't sad enough then there is actually some genuinely sad news in that former Little Angels, Cult, Page & Plant etc drummer Michael Lee has died aged just 39. There is still no cause of death being published, so we can only assume that the family want to keep it private - which is something we should obviously respect. A quality drummer and by all accounts a fine chap too. Very sad and our thoughts are with his family.

Oh yeah, I hadn't mentioned that the Faces are reforming. Now I couldn't give a rats ass about most of the reformed nostalgia acts, but to paraphrase the Michigan Loon, Ted Nugent.... I would drag my dick through broken glass for that one.

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