Tuesday, 28 October 2008


After some time off to regroup and form a new evil plan from their lair in hollowed out volcano, Pet Dictators are back.

As you may or may not know, Pet Dictators were the original inspiration behind all of our T-shirt exploits and sadly they have been neglected in recent months and now they not only want to get back out there, they also want their tummy tickled to make up for it.

Over the years Pet Dictators have had some cool fans. Axl Rose had one of our T-shirts at Guns N' Roses' Hammersmith gig a couple of years ago, Ginger from the Wildhearts has a couple of our shirts and even suggested a couple more. Billy Duffy from the Cult has an original Chairman Mouse, while a few of the DJs over at BBC 6Music also have them.

Anyway, the changes so far are in the form or new designs for Vladimir Lemming, Adog Hitler and Chairman Mouse. Then there is a brand new addition to the range with Mousechwitz. There will be new designs for the others soon and a brand new Fidel Catstro

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