Sunday, 20 January 2008

Happy new year and all that

At last the BathroomBlog is back. It has been ages since this was properly updated. There were a few technical issues, but most of it comes down to us all being too busy designing new shirts and coming up with new ways of getting our shirts out to the world. We have also been fighting with the post office, which is a futile exercise.

Anyway, so what has been happening in the world since the last post? Led Zeppelin played and were, by all accounts sooooo much better than they had any right to have been. At £125 a ticket they needed to have been fucking cosmic. But if they do tour, will any of us be there? Too right we will.

We have heard news of the Marquee Club re-opening. Yep, that will be worth seeing and not a tourist cash-in. When it moved the first time from Wardour Street to Charing Cross road many of us were sceptical, but it worked – for a while. But after that it was doomed. I think it was in Islington for a while and then Leicester Square. Lord knows were it is now, but you can guarantee it will be shit and do it’s best to trample over the memories of my youth by charging £20 plus, having some sort of poncy door policy and selling out to XFM or Radio 1 to promote it by inventing some faux heritage.

Still no sign of a decent album this year and there is seemingly nothing on the horizon. Lots of rumours of good things on the way, but I am not convinced. Similarly with the live prospects for the year. The Foo Fighters will be in London in the summer, but even though we have tickets, I am not overly optimistic. The audience will be too mainstream for a start, and there are not many bands around today that get the whole stadium rock thing right. But we live in hope.

Not much else worth reporting, but do check back soon to see the new shirts and more rantings from an old rocker.


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